Bespoke Gastro Tours

Dear Gastro Enthusiasts,

Embark on a gastronomic adventure tailored just for you! Our exclusive tours are like culinary symphonies, composed to tantalize taste buds and ignite all your senses. Right now, we're thrilled to present an array of delectable experiences for VIPs, small, medium, and large groups at some of the most exquisite producers in Istria: Indulge in the art of  Rakija  and  Gin  at the Martesi Distillery in Varvari.

Dive into the world of Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a delightful excursion at the Chiavalon Family facilities in Vodnjan.

Uncork the secrets of exceptional wines with a tasting session at Babos Winery in Vodnjan.

Embark on a truffle expedition and savor the treasures unearthed at Pietro&Pietro or Tartufi Istra in Buzet or Motovun.

Delight in the savory symphony of Prosciutto during a tasting and excursion at Buršić Family facilities in Vodnjan.

Savor the perfection of Prosciutto at OPG Sanvincenti, whether in Pula or Svetvinčenat.

Your culinary wishes are our commands!
Drop us a line at, and let us orchestrate a bespoke gastro pleasure trip tailored to your cravings.
Elevate your senses, one delectable experience at a time!